Posted on November 15, 2023 at 11:40 pm

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Bhumi Pednekar on women-centric film taking centre stage

The Indian entertainment industry is currently in its best phase, with exciting subjects and work opportunities. It is emerging not just for actors but for everyone involved in the art of filmmaking, and audiences are accepting this change.

Photo courtesy Bhumi team
Photo courtesy Bhumi team

It can truly be said that cinema has not witnessed such a progressive phase in a long time. From filmmaking, producing, and writing to acting, styling, and various other aspects, women in the Indian entertainment industry. They have truly emerged as showstoppers, experiencing equitable work opportunities.


Celebrating this moment and women of the entertainment industry who are making a difference with their creativity and self-expression. The World Gold Council  and Film Companion present the ‘As Gold as Bold Roundtable’.


The roundtable featured Film Companion’s Anupama Chopra having hearty conversations with filmmaker Anvitaa Dutt. And actress Bhumi Pednekar, Costume Designer Eka Lakhani and Casting Director Nandini Shrikent.

Excerpts from their conversation below.

Making waves with her work, ‘Qala’ director Anvitaa Dutt shared her thoughts on the importance of having a peer support system in work relationships and how that can be truly nurturing and fulfilling. She said,


“I have a great support system of friends, fellow writers and lyricists – they’re actually friends. They’re not colleagues so hamara safety net bohot pyara hai.”

Sweet much. Opening up about what really gives her hope in terms of work and being in the industry as a female movie star, Bhumi Pednekar shared,


“When you see a film like ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ do the numbers it did, it gave me so much hope and joy. If you see this month, you had a ‘Sukhee’, ‘Thank You For Coming’ and ‘Dhak Dhak’ – films that are led by a woman, written by women, and produced by women. I feel it’s important to let the conversation be as active and potent as possible. When ‘Bulbul’ and ‘Qala’ get this kind of love and when you see Guneet Monga win an Oscar, you’re like okay there’s hope. I feel like we are seeking a fair chance and equality on so many levels, where the right kind of stories, praise and respect come your way. I’m seeking a fair playground. When films are appreciated, you are like the audiences are changing because, by the end of it, they are the ones that can make this easier.”


Further, costume designer and stylist Eka Lakhani spoke about getting the due appreciation and seeing the difference. She said,


“As a costume designer, being able koi to sit over here and being recognised as one of the important departments in filmmaking by itself is something I’m noticing. I don’t think we have had a lot of this in the past. We have a voice and our work is being acknowledged, recognised, praised and given equal appreciation that we are doing something in the storytelling and narrative of the bigger picture of the film. It makes me smile and happy that it’s happening and I’m important.”


Adding to the conversation, Nandini Shrikent, the celebrated casting director talked about various actors getting an opportunity in the film industry saying,

“There’s a lot more work happening and my job involves actors, and I am delighted to see that many actors are getting an opportunity to shine and work on good subjects. So that change- I’m very excited about that. There’s just a lot more work all around and that keeps me quite upbeat.”

Moving forward here’s looking forward to witnessing greater female influence and equitable opportunities flourishing in the Indian entertainment industry.


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