Posted on October 16, 2023 at 9:00 am

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Rajiv Adatia voices support for Abhishek Kumar; says “Super fun to watch”

In an unexpected turn of events, the charismatic actor and influencer, Rajiv Adatia, recently took to his Twitter to extend a heartfelt note to Bigg Boss 17 contestant Abhishek Kumar.

Photo courtesy Rajiv team
Photo courtesy Rajiv team


The tweet read, “Abhishek is gonna be super fun to watch. Such a good sense of humour and such a nice boy in general! Start maybe rocky but trust me you gonna love him! All the best bro.”

Rajiv Adatia, who boasts a significant following on social media and is celebrated for his contributions to the entertainment industry. It surprised fans with his enthusiastic support for Abhishek.


This endorsement is bound to spark excitement and curiosity among the Bigg Boss fan base.

Abhishek Kumar, renowned for his outstanding performance in the television show “Udaariyan,”. He has been making waves in the Bigg Boss 17 house.


However, it’s not just his acting prowess that’s capturing the hearts of viewers. Abhishek’s real personality is shining through, revealing a unique blend of humility, intensity, and composure.

With Rajiv Adatia’s statement and Abhishek’s undeniable charm. Fans of the show are anticipating a rollercoaster journey ahead.

His initial hurdles within the Bigg Boss house might be a part of his larger-than-life personality unfolding, a side that viewers are yet to fully witness.

As Bigg Boss 17 unfolds, the spotlight is on Abhishek Kumar. His authentic self, combined with the encouragement of industry peers. Such as Rajiv Adatia, is setting the stage for a memorable season.


It’s clear that Abhishek’s journey will be one to watch. Fans can’t wait to see what surprises he has in store for them in the coming weeks.

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