Posted on October 5, 2023 at 12:40 am

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Pilot paints the sky with Gratitude as he pays tribute to Sonu Sood for empowering his dream!

Sonu Sood, known for helping people and being kind, felt thankful and touched when Vamsi, a young man he helped become a pilot, made a video to say thank you.

Photo courtesy Sonu Sood team
Photo courtesy Sonu Sood team

The actor who is gearing up for his maiden production Fateh, shared Vamsi’s video on his social media captioning it:

“Becoming a pilot was a dream that soared high in Vamsi’s heart.We became his guiding compass , introducing him to aviation possibilities.Together we navigated the challenges and with our unwavering support,Vamsi earned his wings , proving that dreams when nurtured, can indeed take flight ..His humble tribute to me melted my heart ..the sky is the limit.”



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Sonu Sood‘s continuous commitment to helping young Indians. Like Vamsi, achieve their dreams not only changes lives but also ignites hope in the hearts of others.


Vamsi’s journey from dreamer to pilot shows Sonu Sood’s philanthropy’s influence. As he works on his debut production, “Fateh”. Sonu is sparing no effort, even enlisting a Hollywood stunt coordinator.


With the film nearing completion, fans expect “Fateh” as a larger than life cinematic experience.

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