Posted on October 4, 2023 at 12:39 am

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Pearl V Puri embraces vulnerability in the latest track from his debut film Yaariyan 2 titled “Bewafaa Tu”

Actor Pearl V Puri who is a fans favourite because of the dedication to his craft and his ability to evoke emotions through his performances. He opened up about his latest musical endeavor, the soulful track “Bewafaa Tu,” in his debut film Yaariyan 2.

Photo courtesy Pearl V Puri team
Photo courtesy Pearl V Puri team

With raw emotion and a melody that tugs at the heartstrings. This song promises to be a poignant portrayal of love and heartbreak. It is resonating with anyone who has ever experienced the complexities of romantic relationships.

Pearl V Puri, known for his versatile talents, shares his deep connection with the song, stating,


“This song holds a special place in my heart. It’s not just a track; it’s a cascade of emotions. ‘Bewafaa Tu’ showcases the bittersweet experience of falling in love, only to find it slipping away. The lyrics mirror the vulnerability we all feel when love turns into heartbreak. In the context of Yaariyan 2, it becomes a universal anthem, relatable to every soul who has ever been in love.”

As he delves into the character and essence of the song, Pearl V Puri emphasizes the relatability factor, making it a powerful ballad.

The song not only showcases Pearl V Puri’s musical prowess but also highlights his ability to convey profound emotions through his actions,

As Yaariyan 2 gears up for its release, “Bewafaa Tu” stands out as a musical gem. It is promising an unforgettable auditory and emotional experience.


Pearl V Puri’s dedication to infuse authenticity and relatability into his performance shines through. Making this song a must-listen for music enthusiasts and fans of heartfelt storytelling alike.

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