Posted on October 9, 2023 at 12:44 am

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Nushrratt Bharuccha’s heartwarming Haifa speech steals the show!

In a moment that radiated sincerity and gratitude, Nushrratt Bharuccha, the talented Bollywood actress, took the stage at the Haifa International Film Festival in Israel.

Nushrat Bharucha
Nushrat Bharucha

This year, the festival featured the screening of “Akelli,” a film that has garnered attention for its compelling storytelling and stellar cast.

With her captivating presence and endearing words, Bharuccha left an indelible mark on the festival.

She said, ” My movie’s name is Akelli which means alone. But being here in israel, with such an amazing audience, a great cast, great team , I can tell u one thing for sure, I do not feel alone at all! And that truly goes to everyone who is my audience. I do films for my audience, and I’d love to see what you’ll have to say about it.”

Nushrratt Bharuccha graced the stage with elegance and poise. In her speech, Bharuccha turned her attention to the “Akelli” team and cast, expressing profound gratitude for the collaborative effort that brought the film to life. However, the heart of Bharuccha’s speech lay in her heartfelt thanks to the audiences and well-wishers.

Akelli, a captivating drama directed by a visionary filmmaker, had taken the Indian cinema scene by storm and did amazingly well at its screening in Israel as well. The film had received critical acclaim and had struck a chord with audiences across the nation with its powerful storytelling and brilliant performances. The film’s journey from India to the Haifa International Film Festival was a testament to its universal appeal.

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