Posted on October 18, 2023 at 8:27 am

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Meiyang Chang applauds Ulajh co-star Janhvi Kapoor’s dedication

Meiyang Chang, who stars alongside Janhvi Kapoor in Ulajh, spoke on the actor’s dedication to her work and addressed the misconception around star kids.


Photo Courtesy Meiyang Chang Team
Photo Courtesy Meiyang Chang Team


Janhvi Kapoor will play the role of an IFS (Indian Foreign Services) officer in her upcoming film Ulajh. In a recent conversation, Meiyang Chang, who will be seen in a pivotal role in the film, spoke about his experience of working with Janhvi and lauded the actor for her hard work.

Speaking to Instant Bollywood, Chang said,

“We have completed the shooting of Ulajh. It’s in post-production. The film will be released next year. I am really looking forward to that.”

Talking about working with Janhvi, Chang said,

“There is a misconception that starkids don’t work hard. Most of my scenes in the film are with Janhvi and she is so dedicated. She does what she says. When she says, ‘I am going to get into the project fully and work hard,’ she actually does that. That was very nice to see. I felt motivated just looking at her.”

Set in the prestigious and intriguing world of Indian Foreign Services (IFS), Ulajh follows the journey of a young IFS officer, played by Janhvi, belonging to a prominent family of patriots, who gets embroiled in a dangerous personal conspiracy while far from her home turf, at a career-defining post.

Earlier, Janhvi spoke about her Ulajh, she said,

“When I was approached with the script of Ulajh it instantly attracted me because as an actor, I am constantly looking for scripts that make me break out of my comfort zone and portraying a character based in the celebrated world of the Indian Foreign Services was just that.”

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