Posted on October 18, 2023 at 8:53 am

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Allu Arjun stuns in designer Kunal Rawal’s Sherwani – A standout moment at the 69th National Film Awards!

At the 69th National Film Awards, which drew a wide range of celebrities, one actor stood out not only for his remarkable performance but also for his impeccable fashion choice.

Photo courtesy Allu Team
Photo courtesy Allu Team

As Allu Arjun was honoured with the Best Actor award. He took the stage adorned in an eye-catching ensemble crafted by Kunal Rawal.


Kunal Rawal is widely celebrated for his inventive menswear couture. The outfit that turned heads was an Ecru mid-thigh sherwani jacket. It featured the distinctive signature bucket bottom, crafted in the house’s double oxford fabric.

The sherwani was adorned with ivory Ashoka self-brass buttons and elegantly paired with ivory slim breech pants.


Allu Arjun’s attire exemplified a harmonious blend of traditional Indian aesthetics and contemporary fashion sensibilities, a signature style associated with Kunal Rawal.

The National Film Awards have always been a platform where talent shines. Now, it’s also a platform for showcasing exemplary fashion.

As celebrities across India increasingly embrace Kunal Rawal’s creations, it’s exciting to see the impact he is making on couture and the fashion industry as a whole.

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