Posted on September 6, 2023 at 1:08 am

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DSP’s tribute to his Guru Mandolin U. Shrineevas is a musical celebration on Teacher’s Day

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, celebrated on the 5th of September in India, renowned music composer Rockstar DSP has honoured his guru, the legendary Mandolin U. Shrineevas.

Photo courtesy DSP team
Photo courtesy DSP team


In a heartfelt gesture, DSP has not only paid tribute to the maestro but has also dedicated his recent national award win for the music of Pushpa: The Rising to his revered mentor.

Mandolin U. Shrineevas, a musical genius, profoundly impacted Rockstar DSP’s career. Beyond teaching, Shrineevas has been a guiding light, introducing DSP to music’s intricacies. Under his mentorship, DSP discovered his unique musical identity. On Teacher’s Day, Rockstar DSP expressed deep gratitude for his guru via social media, resonating with fans and fellow musicians. What sets DSP’s tribute apart is dedicating his national award to Shrineevas, emphasizing that his success reflected his mentor’s teachings. This gesture underscores Rockstar DSP’s humility and highlights Shrineevas’ profound influence on his career.

Mandolin U. Shrineevas’ enduring legacy thrives through disciples such as DSP. DSP’s Teacher’s Day homage underscores the crucial role educators play in molding talent, resonating with music enthusiasts nationwide, emphasizing the profound influence of mentorship on artists, and celebrating the enduring teacher-student bond. Currently, the musical genius is preparing for his forthcoming projects, Pushpa 2: The Rule and Kanguva, eagerly expected by his fans, who await his next catchy tune with great anticipation.

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