Posted on July 28, 2023 at 1:07 am

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Birthday special: Sumeet Vyas talks about his recent bike expedition and love for theatre

Known for his love for bikes and rides, Sumeet Vyas was very recently seen riding along the scenic route to visit his hometown, Jodhpur, with companions Kumud Mishra, Punit and Shubhro.

Photo courtesy Sumeet team
Photo courtesy Sumeet team

Customary to the ritual, this time he commenced his journey with a renewed sense of purpose.

As we all know, Sumeet has been in the epicentre of theatre and its growth. A revered name in theatre circles. He has delivered some ecstatic performances under able directors and continues to revel in the scene.


However, the reason for his visit to Jodhpur was to perform a play, written by Manav Kaul, titled ‘Park’, for the 10th – 12th std students of Vyas College. The play dealt with the problems faced by three individuals, efficiently played by Shubhrajyoti Barat, Kumud Mishra and Sumeet, while the light and sound were handled by Kuldeep and Ghanshyam Lalsa.


Combining both, his love for theatre and riding bikes, he says,

“We opened this play in December 2007. As the three of us grow older the text written by Manav keeps getting younger. It’s quite something that the play is still relevant. As an actor, for me, there’s nothing more satisfying than to grow old with a character. Be it in ‘Park’ or be it in ‘Tripling’ (A show I wrote) or be it ‘Permanent Roommates’. When you perform certain characters over the years, you leave some of what you’ve lived in them and bring back home some of what happens in the performance. To sum it up. Not all of what we do as Artists is for the Audience, we keep some for ourselves too. I’ve been a motorcycle guy since I was 14 actually. As I started getting more n more busy with my profession, I was missing out on all the me time I’d get on my motorcycle trips. So, performing Park in my hometown was a perfect excuse to ride. Thankfully the entire team of the play loves to ride motorcycles. And is Crazy enough to ride a 1000kms in the rains.”

Interestingly, today also marks his 40th birthday and looking at his social media stories and posts. We wish we could travel with him!

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