Posted on July 14, 2023 at 7:52 am

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‘Bawaal’ director Nitesh Tiwari showers praise for Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor never fails to leave a strong impact on audiences with her performances. Right from Gunjan Saxena to Good Luck Jerry and Mili, she has managed to garner appreciation for her acting prowess from both fans and critics.

Photo courtesy Janhvi Kapoor' team
Photo courtesy Janhvi Kapoor’ team

Now, director Nitesh Tiwari has heaped immense praise for her exceptional portrayal of Nisha in their highly anticipated next – Bawaal. Tiwari, celebrated for his directorial successes with films.

Such as Dangal and Chhichhore, highlighted her talent in conveying profound emotions through silence. He expressed his belief that Kapoor’s silent moments in the film convey a wealth of meaning and depth, leaving an indelible impact on viewers.

When discussing the casting of Janhvi’s character Nisha, Tiwari revealed to a publication, “For me, Nisha – needed to be someone whose eyes speak more than she would and someone who would look extremely vulnerable in certain situations. Apart from what Janhvi can bring to the table as an actor, her physical attributes were also important to me. I think if you look at her in the film, her silence speaks a lot.”

He believes that Kapoor’s portrayal of Nisha will leave a lasting impact on the audience, as her silent glances effectively communicate the character’s inner turmoil and vulnerability.

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