Posted on June 21, 2023 at 11:46 am

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World Music Day ; Did You Know Rasha Thadani Is A Powerhouse of Musical Talent?

Bollywood has its fair share of multi-talented stars. While some actors can dance, paint, or even direct films, there is a host of musical talent in the industry. Some of them are among the newcomers to the industry.

With her amazing fashion sense and vibrant personality, Rasha Thadani has been causing waves in the industry recently. She has made numerous headlines with her Gen Z styles that many collegegoers are looking up to. But one thing that is quite unknown about the soon-to-be actress is that she is also an ardent musician. This world music day, let’s take a look at her musical accomplishments.

Rasha has been studying music all her life ever since she was six years old. From Indian Classical to Jazz, she has been practicing the art of music arduously. Having finished a course with the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, she is a well-rounded musician who has held on to her cultural roots as well. Rasha has also mastered classical music with Ustad Qadir Mustafa Khan, who is famously known for his family’s work in the music industry.

Well, it looks like the pretty actress-to-be is not only a well-dresser and a fashion trendsetter but also a hidden talent in music. Here’s hoping to see her soon on the big screen, or should we say, hear her?

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