Posted on June 8, 2023 at 4:25 am

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The Kerala Story’s Sonia Balani sympathises with the victims of the train incident in Odisha

Actress Sonia Balani needs no introduction after her superb portrayal of the negative lead role of “Asifa” in the highly acclaimed film of the year, “The Kerala Story.” The actress has not only won the hearts of the audience with her splendid acting, but her character has also created a fantastic impact on their minds.


Photo Courtesy Sonia Balani Team
Photo Courtesy Sonia Balani Team


And as a recent train derailment occurred in Odisha, which took the lives of more than 238 people and injured more than 900 others, this unhappening shook the actress from Benith, and she opened up about her feelings and reactions after hearing about the incident. She also came up and encouraged people to help the victims and their families.

When asked about her reaction after hearing about this incident, Sonia says,

“I was shocked to the core when I read about it. Since it was a Saturday, I was with my friends, and the moment I got to know about this incident, it was unbelievable because it was one of the worst accidents when it comes to the railway. Then I read about it in detail, and it’s very tragic, sad, and upsetting; it always makes me think about their families first.”

The actress dubs herself unfortunate to not be able to donate blood to needy people after this incident and also talked about how she will be providing help to the people who got injured and to those families who lost their loved ones. She says,

“I can’t donate my blood as my blood count is lower, so doctors have told me I can’t donate my blood, which is sad. But I would definitely want to contribute if there is any relief fund. Usually, everyone should contribute if such a situation happens. I would advise people to take some time and donate or help in any way they can.”

Meanwhile, after her power-packed performance in The Kerala Story, Sonia Balani is in talks for more web shows and films, which will be revealed soon, so stay tuned.

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