Posted on June 20, 2023 at 12:12 am

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Sara Ali Khan, Pashmina Roshan to Rasha Thadani : 5 Celebs who have turned Paparazzi favourite!

Actors getting papped and spotted as they travel across town is quite a normal thing these days.

Photo courtesy PR team
Photo courtesy PR team

Some are caught on their way out of the airport or on arrival while some are clicked as they return from their workouts.

While most celebs exchange a smile or a greeting with the paps, some of the recent generation actors have gone a step ahead.

These gestures of the Gen Z actors are noticed and loved by netizens and fans. Let’s see some of the most popular celebs who stand out due to their Paparazzi Interactions.

Sara Ali Khan

The chirpy , bubbly actress is by far the friendliest of the current generation of actors. She takes her happy-go-lucky attitude wherever she goes and is always genial even with the paps. Her raw unfiltered behavior is always appreciated by everyone as she was recently seen boarding an auto rickshaw when her car got late.

Janhvi Kapoor

When it comes to comic comebacks and funny public appearances, Janhvi Kapoor is the one. She is always smily and never lets the paps go by without a good pose. Be it a glam look or a post workout look, one thing is always common in her looks which is freshness. The _Dhadak_ fame is the paps favorite by a very good margin.

Pashmina Roshan

The sweet and charming Pashmina Roshan has placed herself in everyone’s hearts recently with her regular appearances. Her heartwarming smiles are what make her so special as the actress is never found without one during her Paparazzi interactions. The _Ishq Vishk Rebound_ girl surely knows how to be a favorite among the youth!

Rasha Thadani

Casual and outgoing are the perfect words to describe Rasha Thadani! Daughter of Raveena Tandon, she is a cute, extrovert who wins hearts with her informal and social interactions. From bringing sweets to the media to joking with them, Rasha has become the up and coming sensation.


Ananya Panday

Ananya Panday is all amiable at the sight of paparazzi. Instead of trying to hide her face, she always poses with her beautiful smile. Ananya’s airport looks always get appreciated for their casual and comfortable looks. Her confident poses and amicable attitude has bought her as a favorite among the media and netizens.

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