Posted on June 15, 2023 at 3:09 am

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Did you know that Avika Gor didn’t audition for the film “1920: Horrors of the Heart”?

It’s true! Avika Gor was directly approached for the film based on her statement expressing her desire for more opportunities in Hindi cinema. Avika Gor, being an outsider in the industry, wasn’t well-informed about the projects in the making. She admitted that she didn’t know anything about “1920: Horrors of the Heart” until she was called for it.


Photo Courtesy Avika Gor Team
Photo Courtesy Avika Gor Team


The lack of knowledge about ongoing auditions and film launches made it challenging for her to actively pursue opportunities.  In a candid statement, Avika mentioned,

“I hope I get a lot of opportunities in Hindi. But since I am not from the industry, I hardly know what film is in the making. I didn’t know anything about 1920- Horrors of Hearts. Being an outsider, I don’t know how to get in for an audition as I am unaware of any projects being launched. I got 1920 because Vikramji thought of me.”

Avika Gor acknowledged that as an outsider, she might face the same issue in the future. However, she expressed her willingness to audition if required. She emphasized that her journey ahead would depend on the success and reception of “1920: Horrors of the Heart.”

Excited about her debut in the horror genre, Avika added,

“I am very excited about this project, 1920, which is a pan-India release. Many people down the South have seen my films, but I have not done any horror/dark films in the South. I hope my audience likes me in this film as they will see me in a new avatar. I have been able to gain name and fame in the South only because of their love.”

Avika’s openness about her outsider status and her positive attitude towards facing challenges in the industry reflects her determination to explore new avenues and entertain her fans with diverse roles.

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