Posted on June 21, 2023 at 2:50 am

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Akashdeep Sabir’s all set to helm feature film ‘Postman’

After a sabbatical from direction, actor-director Akashdeep Sabir will be helming a feature film shortly. Titled Postman, the film is based on the true story of postman Umakant Mishra, who was accused of stealing 57 rupees from the Rajendra Nagar post office in Zilla Murad, Kanpur.


Photo Courtesy Akashdeep Sabir Team
Photo Courtesy Akashdeep Sabir Team


After over 300 trials and close to 30 years, he was released in 2013 and declared innocent.

“This shocking injustice meted out to him by the justice department is what the film is all about. “One waits for a double life imprisonment tenure to be told sorry you were innocent??” Asks an angry Akashdeep “Ever since I saw the news about his release, and read his story, I was shocked at what had transpired in those 29 years. A story that must be told.”

He adds,

“It took me 3 years to find the poor postman, now dwelling in a small hut on the streets of a small village in Kanpur. It’s unbelievable what happens when an innocent and poor man has to fight the state.”

Akashdeep has co-written the film with writer Amitava Mitra. Rumoured to feature Vijay Raaz, Divya Dutta and Sanjay Mishra amongst others, more details on the film would be announced shortly.

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