Posted on May 11, 2023 at 12:32 am

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Shafaq Naaz relives the horrors of India’s most heinous crime; “It was very disturbing”

The title ‘Dancing On The Grave’ sounds as disturbing as actress Shafaq Naaz‘s recent document series which is based on the true story of the rich legatee Shakereh Khaleeli.

Photo courtesy Shafaq Naaz team
Photo courtesy Shafaq Naaz team

She was the granddaughter of Diwan of Mysore and was popularly known for her wealth and beauty.


The decade-old case shook the entire nation to the spine-chilling murder. The series takes you back to 1991. When the heiress went missing and was found dead years later buried under the courtyard of her own house.

The investigation later revealed that she was alive when she was buried.


Actress Shafaq Naaz who plays Shakereh Khaleeli in the series shared her experience of facing the horrors while shooting the series and said,


“It was very disturbing and it’s not fictional. It was disturbing to even think about it”.

The actress had never worked in any document series before and never worked on any project that did not have any script.


Shafaq shared about her first time experience of doing a document series and said,


“There was no screenplay. The series is based on research and it’s a real-life documentary. You only get narration and no scripts. We have to feel the character and show emotions through expressions and gestures. There was no dialogue or script for that matter.”


The actress is well known for playing roles such as Kunti in Mahabharat and Mayuri in Chidiya Ghar. She has shown variety in her work and received praise for every role she played.


Talking about her recent role of playing the rich heiress, she shared,


“When you do a fictional character you can get creative but if you play a real character you have to be very careful and stick to the reality. The narration really helped me in doing that.”


The murder of the heiress Shakereh Khaleeli is said to be the most heinous crime in Indian criminal history and playing the role in the document series affected Shafaq deeply.


She kept her lights on for several nights and didn’t travel alone back. From the shooting location shared by the Dancing on the Grave actress.

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