Posted on May 10, 2023 at 12:33 am

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Shabana Azmi: “Prateik Babbar is a spitting image of his mother”

Prateik Babbar is one of the most versatile and talented actor of our times! Time and again the star has proven himself over the years with some spectacular and memorable characters, there’s no doubt he creates a magic onscreen.

Recently Veteran actor Shaban Azmi announced her next film with the actor. She opened up about how she has always been looking forward to working with him.

She opened up about how, after the passing of Smita in 1986, she felt “very protective” about Prateik, and them collaborating on a project was “bound to happen” at some point in their lives. Noting that they were “destined to work together,” she said that she is happy that a “suitable script has finally showed up.”

About teaming up with Prateik for the first time Shabana says, “It was destined to be. Smita and I had our professional differences. But under the fierce rivalry, no doubt played up in the media, she and I were twins. Even the bathroom slippers that we wore were identical.”

Shabana gets emotional about working with Smita’s son. “I’ve always felt very protective towards him. This was bound to happen. We were destined to work together. I am glad the suitable script has finally shown up. Vikas Khanna is a dear friend and to play a chef is a dream come true for me. I can only get to be a good cook on screen.”

Shabana met Prateik for a reading of Imaginary Rain. She says she got very emotional. “Yes, we had a reading on Thursday. Prateik is a spitting image of his mother. The resemblance is eerie. I was swept back in time. I am looking forward to start shooting with Prateik.”

Shabana and Prateik will be seen in Imaginary Rain, directed by ‘Michelin Star’ chef and filmmaker Vikas Khanna.

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