Posted on May 1, 2023 at 4:42 am

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Ruma Sharma sets sights on challenging roles to showcase versatility as an actress

Ruma Sharma has always had a passion for acting and a drive to take on roles that challenge her. In a recent interview, she shared her thoughts on the importance of pushing oneself to new heights as an actor.

Photo courtesy Ruma Sharma team
Photo courtesy Ruma Sharma team


“I believe that the true mark of a great actor is their ability to take on roles that are outside of their comfort zone and push themselves to new heights,” said Sharma. “That is why I am actively seeking out roles that will challenge me and allow me to showcase my range and versatility as an actress.”


Sharma is not afraid to take on physically demanding roles that require intense training or roles that require her to speak a different language or adopt a new accent. She is confident in her abilities as an actress and is ready to take on any role that comes her way.


“I am up for the challenge,” said Sharma. “Whether it’s a complex character with deep emotional layers or a role that requires me to step outside of my comfort zone, I am ready to push myself and take on new opportunities.”


Sharma‘s passion for acting is evident in her dedication to her craft. She believes that by taking on challenging roles, she can grow as an actor and expand her range.


“I want to be known as an actress who is not afraid to take risks and push herself to new heights,” said Sharma. “I am excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead.”


With her drive and determination, it is no doubt that Sharma will continue to attract work. And take on roles that challenge her as an actress.

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