Posted on May 22, 2023 at 7:24 am

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Madalsa Sharma proud that husband Mimoh is being appreciated for his acting

Actor Mimoh Chakraborty is getting a lot of appreciation for his unique look in Kushan Nandy’s Jogira Sara Ra Ra which also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma in leads.


Mimoh Chakraborty with wife Madalsa Sharma. Photo Courtesy Madalsa Sharma Team
Mimoh Chakraborty with wife Madalsa. Photo Courtesy Madalsa Sharma Team


The handsome Mimoh is looking completely different to his original look and which shows his dedication towards his craft. His proud wife Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty, who is currently working in Anupamaa as Kavya, shares her emotions on Mimoh’s look in Jogira Sara Ra Ra. She says,

”Mimoh surprising everyone in JSRR could be news to anybody but myself since I’ve always known that he is a very fine actor. An actor shines bright not only through their performance and talent but also their character and how the writer and director present them. I always believed in Mimoh’s talent so I’m proud of him and very happy that he is being appreciated. Mimoh’s strength as an actor is his discipline and dedication towards his work. He puts in a lot of effort and that shows. Mimoh has been always excited for Jogira Sara Ra Ra since the time he has started shooting for this. I just hope and pray that all his hard-work pays off and his performance and the film get it’s dues.”

So when will we see Madalsa and Mimoh together on screen? She says,

“I would be super excited and very happy to work with Mimoh if we get an opportunity! I adore his hardwork and us working together would be a dream come true.”

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