Posted on May 25, 2023 at 12:38 am

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Five actors who are ruling the internet with their great fashion sense

Fashion speaks much louder than words. Be it an airport look or a red carpet look everyone goes gaga over what their favourite celebrity is wearing. And these celebs never fail their audience, by impressing them with their quirky style.

We have often seen female actors experimenting with their looks, but the latest trend has seen the Male actors. Also, stepping out of the box and opting for some bold fashion statements.

Proving the same, here are 5 actors who have set internet on fire with their great fashion sense:

Vijay Varma

Over the time, we have seen him experimenting with his looks. He just gets better when it comes to a casual look or a red carpet look. Vijay Varma balances his boy next door and suave man look really well. He seems very confident in his skin when it comes to fashion.

Bhuvan Arora

The new name on everyone’s mind nowadays is Bhuvan Aroara! With his quirky and cool fashion he has been grabbing headlines recently. His wardrobe is a mixture of classic and Contempory looks. His personality is like water fitting in any style so easily and effortlessly.


Aashim Gulati

Aashim has always surprised us with his impeccable sense of style. He fearlessly showcases his personality through his fashion choices. Not only clothes, he gives attention to the details of his choices of accessories as well which makes it an overall hit.


Tusharr Khanna

In the recent times, his fashion game has been top-notch. His urbane looks in casuals or dapper red carpet ensembles are no less than thirst traps, impressing the fashion police with his poised demeanour. He has been creatively experimenting with his looks which showcases his ability to make a great impact on the audience.


Ritwik Bhowmik

His Subtleness and elegance gets clearly portrayed in his dressing sense. He wears his style on his sleeves. Keeping the confidence intact he makes each fashion look on him look stunning.

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