Posted on May 26, 2023 at 3:03 am

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Ankit Tiwari Wanted KK To Sing ‘Sun Raha Hai’

Ankit Tiwari Wanted KK To Sing ‘Sun Raha Hai’

Ankit Tiwari Wanted KK To Sing ‘Sun Raha Hai’

Ankit Tiwari wanted KK to sing ‘Sun Raha Hai’, but Mahesh Bhatt had other plans

Ankit Tiwari, who is best known for delivering some of the major hits in Bollywood, enjoys massive fan following all across the world. With fans going head over heels for this stars voice, Ankit has a bundle of memories that he recently shared in an interview with Bollywood hungama about Aashiqui 2 completing 10 years.

An unknown fact was recently revealed by Ankit where he wanted that his life changing song ‘Sun Raha Hai Na Tu’ should be sung by KK, but it seems like ‘luck’ has its way.

Recollecting the memories Ankit stated,

“I actually wanted KK to sing ‘Sun Raha Hai’ par Bhatt sahab boley, Mohit dekho iss gaane se na agar iski (Ankit Tiwari) awaz hata doge toh gaana ho jaega bekaar. Ye gaana isne banaya hai iskey liye hai isko aise hi rehne do. Iski awaz mat hatao. Phit mujhse kehte hai ki mai respect karta hu tumhari ke tum itna acha gaa rahe ho iskey bavjud chahtey ho ke KK gaaye.”

(he “actually” wanted KK to sing Sun Raha Hai Na Tu, but after Mahesh Bhatt’s suggestion, Mohit Suri asked Ankit to complete the song and record it.)

For the unversed, Ankit, has delivered major hits like, Teri Galliyan, Tu Hai ki Nahi from Roy, Boond Boond, Dil Cheez and many more.

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