Posted on April 25, 2023 at 8:13 pm

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Shama Sikander Opens Up About Her Eid Plans This Year

Shama Sikander Opens Up About Her Eid Plans This Year

Shama Sikander Opens Up About Her Eid Plans This Year

Eid is here and for many, it means a celebration of love and laughter, the coming together of families and friends, and a beautiful atmosphere. Our Bollywood celebrities are no exception to this rule and they too enjoy with their kith and kin on this blessed day. Shama Sikander, who lives with her husband James Milliron opened up about what her Eid looks like this year.

She says,

“Well since I’ve been traveling and will continue even during Eid, this year I’ll be away from my family. Of course, Eid will not be the same without the entire celebration and I will miss being at home. I love having Eid delicacies and this year, unfortunately, will not get a chance to gorge on them.”

Shama Sikander and her husband James have been treating us to some lovely pictures from their vacation in London. Looks like the summer is going great for this couple who has taken the opportunity to vacation in top holiday spots. Their diaries and documentation of such beautiful locations have filled their Instagram posts and stories.


Shama Sikander Ali Gesawat born on 4 August 1981 is an Indian actress, best recognized for her lead roles in TV series Yeh Meri Life Hai and short film Sexaholic and the mini-series Maaya: Slave of Her Desires. Sikander has appeared in numerous Bollywood films, including starting her career with the 1999 Aamir Khan starring Mann. Her last theatrical release, a Bollywood thriller, Bypass Road was released on 8 November 2019.

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