Posted on April 20, 2023 at 4:16 am

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Is Ravie Dubey’s insta story hinting at a three week social-media detox?

Being die-heart fans of celebs, one makes sure to check their social media accounts everyday to know about their whereabouts and drool over their pictures and videos. But, sadly fans will not be able to see Matsyakand Ravie Dubey’s latest happenings as he has gone on a social-detox break.

What’s that?

Ravie has posted a story that says, “see you all in 3 weeks”. We assume he has taken a social media break for 3 weeks.

Photo Courtesy Ravie Dubey Team
Photo Courtesy Ravie Dubey Team

Ravie, who is known to be a powerhouse of talent and has had a flying career, will be seen in film Farradday and Ravie’s transformation has become a talking point.

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