Posted on April 19, 2023 at 4:32 am

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5 times Hrithik Roshan proved to be the constant cheerleader to mother Pinkie Roshan

While it’s no secret that Hrithik Roshan has been the fitness icon with his washboard abs and svelte physique, however, what makes the Superstar even more influential is his ability to bounce back after every hurdle.


Photo courtesy Hrithik Roshan team
Photo courtesy Hrithik Roshan team

Probably this runs in the family, as his mother Pinkie Roshan has also been winning the Internet with her relentless spirit and dedication towards fitness, with son Hrithik Roshan constantly cheering for her.


Here are five examples from Pinkie Roshan’s fitness diaries this year that prove she is a force to reckon with:


• Pushing the bar further and further with every move:

Practising machines workout, Pinkie Roshan shared glimpses from her training routine, raising the bar of her capabilities. She shared videos of her workout regime saying,

“Taking it up one more level 🧧 new challenges new energies…Overcome your fear.”


• Mother-son time at the gym:

The fitness duo Hrithik Roshan and his mother Pinkie Roshan often share quality time apart from family outings- lunches, dinners, movies, holidays, the most special time however, is when they workout together. Here’s a glimpse from their gym time together that is both adorable and inspirational.


• Bouncing back from viral:

Nothing can stop Pinkie Roshan from hitting the gym, after a short break post recovering from a viral, she was seen hitting the gym with utmost gusto and passion, which prompted son Hrithik Roshan to gush over her spirit saying, “You are incredible!”

• Post Covid recovery:

In a two parts post, Pinkie Roshan depicted her perseverance and commitment to fitness soon after recovering from Covid, earning the praises and support of the netizens.



• “Too good mama”:

The proud son commented on his mother’s post as she recently shared a video of her strenuous training. Serving fitness and mother-son goals with every move, the duo has been winning the Internet.


Last year on Mother’s Day, Hrithik Roshan had also shared pages from their fitness diaries as he revealed that his mother has taught him some really exciting yoga moves.

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