Posted on March 3, 2023 at 6:59 am

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Watch: The melodious track ‘Kharaashon Ka Guldasta’ song out now

One of the biggest news anchors, film critics, writers and a wonderful poet, Faridoon Shahryar.

Photo courtesy Faridoon team
Photo courtesy Faridoon team

He pays an ode to his late father, Akhlaq Mohammad Khan dearly known as Shahryar Sahab by singing one of his last nazm ‘Kharaashon Ka Guldasta’ song out now.


A soul stirring musical about unrequited love and longing, Faridoon sings the song with pathos and passion and expresses the emotions of a person who is battling unrequited love.


He shows his singing prowess through his voice variation. Right from the soft mellow tone in the prelude to the crescendo in the later stanzas. On asking about the musical Faridoon said,


“The nazm Kharaashon Ka Guldasta by Abba is very intricate. It has layered meaning and the intensity and depth baffled me. I am baffled by how amazingly well Afzal has presented this Nazm visually. The visuals are doing brilliant justice to the deeper meaning of the poetry.”


The track features Shiksha mandal actress Iram Badar Khan and Harshit Anurag. Conceptualized. It is directed by the prolific director Syed Ahmad Afzal which marks his debut in a music directorial after widely acclaimed films.

Like Youngistan, critically acclaimed Laal Rang and MX Player’s Shiksha Mandal, his upcoming film is Laal Rang 2. With Randeep Hooda, on being asked about his experience, Afzal had to say this,


“In 2012 almost a decade ago I had the opportunity to meet Shahryar Sahab, I had gone there with a letter of Intent and some hope that the legendary poet would accept my proposal to write the songs for my film. Being the large hearted man he was, Shahryar sahab immediately signed it, unfortunately he passed away shortly. It was like a dream come true when my dear friend Faridoon Shahryar reached out to me for directing this beautiful track which happened to be a nazm by Shahryar Sahab, Guess life has own ways of realising your dreams.”


The song is the first offering from the record label 3rd Pole Originals founded by the brother-sister duo of Syed Ahmad Afzal and Anjala Jamal.


The musical is a beautiful amalgamation of love and longing and has been shot at multiple picturesque location in the hills of Maharashtra.


From its sunset shot to capturing the enthralling blue sky amid the hills. Every scene of the song is a vision to behold at.

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