Posted on March 17, 2023 at 4:00 am

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Priya Banerjee: ‘Mandira is the most intriguing character, I have played so far‘

Popular actress Priya Banerjee who has been part of amazing work on the webspace with projects. Such as Hello Mini, Twisted 3, Jamai 2.0, Bekaboo 2 and the list goes on.

Photo courtesy Priya team
Photo courtesy Priya team

And now she has done it yet again, the diva is donning the role of leading lady in the Netflix series Rana Naidu as Mandira.


Her character Mandira is an intense character. And ever since the series is out Priya has been receiving accolades for the same.


Many find it bold but also agree that nobody could have done it better than Priya.


Recently in an exclusive conversation with us Priya revealed how was it playing Mandira. She said,


“Mandira is a very interesting character. She’s passionate, persistent and strong headed. It’s the most intriguing character I have played so far. I don’t really relate to a lot of things she does out of impulse because I’m a very calm and sorted person in real life but that’s the fun about acting u get to play someone ur not and that makes it exciting for me”.


She further added,


“Well there are tons of Mandiras in the entertainment industry. Driven impulsive yet talented and absolute go getters. That’s the beauty of this character. She’s not easy to understand at all. Also the first thing was chopping my long hair off haha. Because we had to get the look right! Which kinda broke my heart as I loved my long hair. But at the same time it helped me get into the character lot faster ones I started looking like it. There weren’t any challenges as such. If you understand her journey and struggles it’s quite easy to be her”.


Priya is soaring high with acting skills and we are loving her as Mandira. The show Rana Naidu is currently streaming on Netflix.

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