Posted on March 24, 2023 at 12:42 am

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‘Bholaa’ trailer: Ajay Devgn shines in the action thriller

The focus is firmly fixed on Ajay Devgn‘s Bholaa. With the huge success of Drishyam 2.

Photo courtesy Ajay Devgn team
Photo courtesy Ajay Devgn team

The actor is back and riding high on his own momentum, which is undoubtedly helping his upcoming action-thriller generate a positive pre-release hype.

Bhola, a prisoner, is finally going home after 10 years of imprisonment to meet his young daughter. His journey gets difficult when he is arrested mid-way.


At first, he is not aware of the grave situation he has got himself into but after a crazy incident takes place. He must travel a pathway full of crazy obstacles with death lurking around every corner. Will he get to meet his daughter?



The official remake of the 2019 Tamil film Kaithi. Bholaa is directed by Ajay Devgn and helmed by writer, Ankush Singh. Also starring Tabu and Amala Paul. The film releases in cinemas Thursday 30th March 2023.

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