Posted on March 13, 2023 at 7:45 am

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Anshuman Chaturvedi opens up on his directorial ‘Love Poem’

Anshuman Chaturvedi, who is the director of the short film Love Poem starring Rajeev Khandelwal, Smita Gondkar and Onima Kashyap, says that the film is actually a culmination of all that took place in his life in the last three years. The death of his father and certain other setbacks in life made him question many things and the short film is reflective of his feelings.

“Love Poem happened because in the last three years I went through a lot. My dad expired, my cat expired and certain other things that jolted the normal side of me. This created a vacuum in my heart that was devoid of love. Missing and longing was forced on me by the universe. So, when I came to terms with it, the creative person in me wanted to recall it. I wanted to give it a shape and this took the shape of a Love Poem,” he says.

He adds that people are loving the film.

“We have got mind-blowing responses from critics as well as people and normal audiences. I am getting calls and texts from so many people who have felt the film. Some said they didn’t just watch the film but felt it,” he says.

Talking about the team behind the film, he says,

“Rajeev Khandelwal does miracles in front of the camera. No one can match his genius. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Abeer. An actor par excellence who is born to act and emote and I would love to collaborate with him again and make some memorable films. My other actors Smita Gondkar and Onima Kashyap also did a miraculous job. My team which starts with my producer Rahul Datta, my music director Sargam Vaish, cinematographer Navneet Singh and editor Sandeep Sharma did their best to make this film happen and I have immense respect and love for everyone associated with it.”

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