Posted on March 13, 2023 at 12:10 am

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Ankit Gupta’s fans celebrate one month of ’Junooniyat’

Ankit Gupta‘s fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate the completion of the actor’s first month of shooting as Jahaan in the television show titled Junooniyat.

Photo courtesy Ankit team
Photo courtesy Ankit team

The trending tagline ‘1 month of Ankit as Jahaan’ has been making rounds on social media. With fans expressing their excitement and appreciation for his performance.

Junooniyat, which airs on a popular Indian television channel, tells the story of a passionate young woman who falls in love with Jahaan. A mysterious and brooding man. Ankit Gupta, who is known for his work in several popular television shows. It has been receiving praise for his portrayal of Jahaan.


Fans of the show and the actor have been flooding Twitter with messages of love and support for Ankit.


With many praising his acting skills and his chemistry with his co-star. Some fans even shared clips from the show, highlighting Ankit’s best moments and scenes.

The hashtag trended for several hours, with fans from all over the world joining in to celebrate Ankit’s milestone.


The actor himself took to social media to thank his fans for their love and support, stating that he was overwhelmed by the response.


Ankit‘s fans have proven time and time again that they are a dedicated and passionate bunch, and their latest Twitter trend is just another example of their love for the actor.


With his impressive acting skills and undeniable charm. It is no surprise that Ankit has quickly become a fan favorite on Junooniyat.


As the show continues to air, it is safe to say that Ankit’s fans will continue to support him and celebrate every milestone in his career.

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