Posted on February 16, 2023 at 3:14 am

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Randeep Hooda opens up about his Injuries

There is no stopping CAT star Randeep Hooda from being the absolute best.

Photo courtesy Randeep Team
Photo courtesy Randeep Team

Randeep Hooda is currently in a happy space professionally and is in fact, also keeping busy with his upcoming projects.


However, while he has been juggling work, he has also had to focus a lot on the injury that he suffered when he injured himself during horse riding.


While resting and working on getting fitter soon, he also took to writing and invested his free time in being creative.


While at it, he has also been nominated in the best actor role category for his OTT performance in Netflix series CAT.


Time and again, he has spoken highly about the show and how he slipped into the character, among other things. And well, we’d say all his efforts in trying to do what he wanted to do have paid off.


Currently in recovery, Randeep has been exercising and doing his physio session to get back to his full capacity sooner.


Talking about the same the actor revealed,


“It was a weakness due to staying underweight for too long. It was like a blackout and because of almost no muscles the knee got dislocated damaging all the Ligaments and a small fracture”.


The actor further opened up on what helped him during his recovery phase. Randeep said,


“Family and friends I guess. Great doctor guiding the whole recovery in Dr Pardiwala and physiotherapy under Doc Daga. But being an active person too involved in work, horses, and jungles staying at home almost tied to the bed or the chair was and is the most difficult part. As I was already playing a writer in Savarkar Saab’s biopic, writing short stories helped me utilize my mind positively. The fear of gaining too much weight due to the revenge eating that happens was a great source of worry but somehow managed that with my trainer Shane”.


It’s no brainer that Randeep is one of most incredible actor’s of our times and he has proved that time and again.


Meanwhile, the actor also has an absolutely busy year to look forward to. With Laal Rang season 2 as well as direction for Swatantrya Veer Savarkar.


While the former is definitely going to be a hit and has everyone talking. There’s not enough known about the latter just yet.

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