Posted on February 17, 2023 at 6:12 am

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Randeep Hooda meets writer-director Syed Ahmad Afzal for ‘Laal Rang 2’

Producer-actor Randeep Hooda meets writer-director Syed Ahmad Afzal to discuss the script of the highly anticipated movie Laal Rang 2

The Announcement of the film Laal Rang 2 took the industry by storm, making everyone excited to see their favorite actor Randeep Hooda reprising the role of Shankar onscreen once again. Randeep Hooda and Syed Ahmad Afzal who have previously collaborated on the critically acclaimed movie Laal Rang, recently met to discuss the storyline and characters for the sequel.

Revealing the same, Afzal took to his instagram handle and wished Randeep a speedy recovery stating
शंकर सिंह मलिक
जिला रोहतक_
यह लाल रंग ना छोड़ता मन्ने
जाट अपने पत्ते धीरे धीरे खोल्या करे 😉

Witnessing Chaudhry sahab @randeephooda involved as the Principal lead and Producer of a feature length, I must say is the ideal environment for any filmmaker to thrive. The readings, narrations, ideations, jokes all has nostalgia written over it. We’ve both lived this dream for 7 years and now are on the verge of realising it.

Memories from the preparation days of the first film are all rushing back. Just the thought of hitting the floors again for the sequel with the entire original team is giving the same rush as we had felt in the first.

Wishing you speedy and total recovery of your knee, Chaudhry Sahab.

The writer director also posted an interesting picture of the duo wearing T-shirt bearing the famous dialogue from Laal Rang 1, “Naam Shankar se par bhagwan na hun” , “Krodh na aata manne Pitai bhi laad se karu” from the first movie.


Laal Rang, which was released in 2016, was all about Randeep’s versatility as an actor which was critically acclaimed for his performance. The movie revolved around the illegal trade of blood banks in Haryana and shed light on the darker aspects of society.


The sequel, Laal Rang 2, promises to be just as captivating as the first movie, with a new story and a fresh perspective. The script discussion between Randeep Hooda and Syed Ahmad Afzal has left fans excited about the upcoming project.


The T-shirt of the duo, bearing iconic dialogues from the first movie, was a fun moment and has only added to the anticipation surrounding the film. Fans can’t wait to see what Randeep and Syed have in store for them with Laal Rang 2.

Laal Rang 2 : Khoon Chusva is produced by Randeep Hooda Films, Avak Films & Jelly Bean Entertainment Co Produced by Anwar Ali and Sonu Kuntal.

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