Posted on February 21, 2023 at 1:00 am

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Rajshri Deshpande is the reel and real life fighter – Read On

Rajshri Deshpande is always seen essaying solid characters on screen which are impactful to viewers.

Photo courtesy Rajshri team
Photo courtesy Rajshri team

Similar to her characters, Rajshri is a fighter and strong-willed person who makes things happen in real life too. She is beyond an actress in front of the camera who’s all about glamour and attention.


Speaking more about her aim towards a sustained change Rajshri says,


”NGOs are not my favorite. They frequently carry out tasks that the government should perform. NGOs ought to be restricted to serving as salt on a plate, informing people about the condition on the ground. Nonetheless, individuals frequently have to perform government jobs against their will. It is not enough to raise money and stop there, I’ve learned from my mother if I desire sustained change.”


Starting by clearing a dried canal in 2016 with the help of 50 farmers for 15 days which resulted the dried Bemble river overflow in monsoons. To helping Yeomans in Aurangabad to fight drought, Rajshri has actively participated in making a change.


She was also successful in building 200 toilets, building water supplies for villagers, and opening schools for women that enabled them to become teachers Rajshri covers every empty space to make a change.


The Nabhangan foundation founded by Rajshri is constantly working towards a better tomorrow for every individual in Maharashtra.


Every initiative is motivated by Deshpande’s personal experience and challenges she has faced and overcome.

The actress also aims to work with Shah Rukh Khan’s Meer foundation in the future who lent a hand to her organisation.

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