Posted on January 31, 2023 at 3:00 am

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Rider to writer – Randeep Hooda puts his recovery time to use in getting creative, shares photo

Randeep Hooda‘s prolific acting skills have been at display with every project and his work through the years has only cemented this fact further.


The actor seems to be on a spree to don multiple hats. While he turned writer, director with Veer Sarvarkar.


He has also produced Laal Rang 2. The announcement of the same got many talking about about it and also made multiple trends on social media.


Meanwhile, Randeep recently also made headlines owing to an injury while riding a horse.



The actor reportedly fainted and hence suffered serious injuries. However, upon recovery, he decided to get his thinking cap on and went into writing mode – creating stories and poems.


The actor has penned many short stories inspired by real life just in the span of his injury recovery.


Talking about the same, Randeep says,


“I can vouch now that the left side of your brain (knee) makes you more creative. Since I was playing a writer on screen it seemed like a natural thing to do while recovering.

It becomes difficult to be at absolute rest, and hence, I found a way to utilize my time in writing instead and I can definitely tell you that one of the scariest things in life is to sit with a pen with blank page in front of you.”


Meanwhile, Randeep was last seen in the Netflix series CAT. It opened up to a massive response. Also, making it to most watched lists as well.


The series, created by Balwinder Singh Janjua, marked the actor’s second collaboration with the streamer after the 2020 hit film Extraction.

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