Posted on January 17, 2023 at 1:00 am

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Abhishek Kapur’s adorable reply to brother Karan Tacker’s post is just a proof of their close bond

Abhishek Kapur who is loved for his very loveable and admired personality is no wonder the apple of our eyes.

Photo courtesy Abhishek Kapur team
Photo courtesy Abhishek Kapur team

It is no surprise that the actor shares a great relationship with his brother, Karan Tacker who he is quite close with.


They often display their appreciation of each other on social media by posting and commenting on each other’s posts.

They have also been seen together at events and parties and this bond has not gone unnoticed by their fans as well.


Abhishek’s recent exchange on Instagram with brother Karan Tacker. Recently caught the eye of their fans and was just adorable.


Sharing a post that Abhishek Kapur had shared on his page, Karan Tacker captioned it as ‘Handsome Bhai Mera’. To which he cheekily replied Bhaaiiii Kiska Hoon with a heart emoji. Awww that was the sweetest reply and goes on to show the love shared between the brothers.


He makes his stunning presence felt on-screen. And has been the subject of discussion for fans and admirers all over the country.


In a recent conversation, he had opened up about his future plans of getting into the OTT space and expanding his reach.

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