Posted on December 28, 2022 at 2:56 am

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Sharvari ticks off Skiing from her bucket list

Sharvari is currently on a holiday in Turkey with her family and she seems to be basking in the Christmas vibe all around in Turkey. She is trying different food, teas and exploring places.

Photo courtesy YRF team
Photo courtesy YRF team


The talented actor also tried her hand at skiing which was a sport she wanted to try for a very long time.



Sharvari had pre-planned and booked skiing for Christmas day. She spent half a day learning and practicing the sport.


Talking about her experience, Sharvari shares


“This year for Christmas I finally ticked one thing off my bucket list. I went skiing in Mount Erciyes near Cappadocia in Turkey. I’ve always wanted to learn skiing but never got the chance to before this Christmas. The best part was to learn it with my family. After falling down multiple times, we finally got the hang of it. My siblings and I just didn’t want to get off the slopes. I absolutely loved every minute of the day and I can’t wait to go back and learn the next level of skiing soon.”

Sharvari was really excited about this part of her trip and even planned her skiing look much in advance.

Sharvari thoroughly enjoys experimenting with her looks and in all her pictures she is seen layering up with lovely jackets, mufflers, cardigans etc.

Her social media is surely setting family vacation goals and leaving her followers with some intense #fomo.

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