Posted on December 20, 2022 at 5:34 am

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Randeep Hooda and Rahul Mittra celebrate 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and India

Bollywood star and equestrian Randeep Hooda and renowned filmmaker and branding specialist Rahul Mittra graced the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations. It is between Japan and India at an exclusive function at the Army Polo and Riding Club in New Delhi on Sunday with lots of VIPs in attendance.

Photo courtesy Randeep team
Photo courtesy Randeep team


The highlight of the event was Randeep Hooda riding a horse on the occasion. Lt. Gen Rajinder Dewan, Quarter Master General of the Indian Army presided over the celebrations.

Along with Japanese Ambassador to India Suzuki Hiroshi who charmed the special invitees by delivering his welcome address in Hindi.


This high level event saw stunning Yunasame performances by Japanese horsemen and breathtaking tent pegging by Indian army personnel.



Randeep Hooda cantering across the sun-kissed ground on a white horse was the highlight of the event. Followed by lively performances by Indian dancers.

Expressing his gratitude to be part of the anniversary celebrations, Randeep Hooda said,


“Delighted to be part of the historic 70th anniversary of establishment of India-Japan diplomatic relations along with Lt. Gen, Rajinder Dewan, Quarter Master General of the Indian Army, Japanese Ambassador to India Suzuki Hiroshi, Rahul Mittra & other dignitaries today in Delhi”.


He also stressed on the commonalities between both the countries. Like ancient culture and traditions, resilience being one of the most striking.



“How India resurrected itself from the aftermath of the painful partition right after attaining independence is similar to how Japan sprung back after the horrific incidents towards the end of world war 2. But now decades later both our countries are leaving their footprints on the world map and fostering such cordial ties which will surely pave way for an even more enhanced relations between the two great countries,” said Randeep Hooda in his opening address.

Award-winning filmmaker-actor Rahul Mittra spoke about cinema. As the most interactive art form and being one of the most effective and powerful mediums of enhancing diplomatic ties and fostering cultural diplomacy.

Actor Randeep Hooda recently has been receiving a phenomenal response for his Netflix original series CAT. It has been loved by the audience globally and fans are pouring great love and response to the series.

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