Posted on November 9, 2022 at 12:31 am

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Namita Lal: Combination of an actor and a producer is a perfect place to be in for me

Actor-producer Namita Lal, who is gearing up for the release of her film Before Life After Death, says that she enjoys both roles of a producer and actor. She says that she wants to continue to do a mix of both in the future.


“I enjoy being an actor but love the creativity and involvement in the creative development and the marketing and various roles of the producer. Those are the aspects that I thoroughly enjoy as a producer. I have done pure actor roles this year and I do miss being involved a little more in the project. Doing a scene and not knowing what the whole picture looks like and not knowing most of the script, I found it a bit strange. Combination of an actor and a producer is a perfect place for me,” she says.

Ask her what else she sees for herself in the future, and Namita says,

“Everything that I am doing now is new. Being from the banking industry and coming into this industry where you learn every day. Being in this industry is good as it is going through a paradigm shift as there is change into digital and the genres and topics that people have started looking at. It gives an opportunity to people like me who are in their mid-career. It gives an opportunity to look forward to and a fresh start and success. I am enjoying the process of learning and achieving in this new space.”

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