Posted on November 11, 2022 at 1:00 am

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Janhvi Kapoor claims that filming for ‘Mili’ had an impact on her mental wellbeing

Janhvi Kapoor recently discussed the shooting of Mili and how it affected her mental health in an interview.

Photo courtesy Janhvi team
Photo courtesy Janhvi team

Janhvi had to shoot in a freezer at minus 15 degree temperature for Mili’s filming.

Shooting in such a tiny space at such harsh temperatures must be mentally exhausting.


In order to fit the part, the actress added that she had to gain 7.5 kg. Janhvi disclosed that she was experiencing nightmares about being locked in a cold, dark environment.


“The film took a toll on my mental health. I would come back home from the shoot and I would go to sleep and dream that I was still in the freezer. I fell ill and I was on severe painkillers for two-three days and even the director was unwell,” the actress explained.


Produced by Zee Studios, Boney Kapoor and directed by Mathukutty Xavier. Mili stars Janhvi Kapoor, Sunny Kaushal and Manoj Pahwa in key roles.

Mili is set to release worldwide on 4th November 2022.

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