Posted on November 2, 2022 at 4:00 am

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Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan! Celebs share their wishes!

Celebs talk about the superstar Shah Rukh Khan as an inspiration and his films on his birthday!


Rohit Choudhary

First of all best wishes to SRK on his birthday. I relate to him because we both are from Delhi and we both are self-made men though he’s a huge personality. There have never been any controversies related to him. Not only India, but the whole world will celebrate his birthday tomorrow. His film that I love the most is Darr. In that movie, the villain had more impact than the hero. He is the king of romance and there’s nobody who can touch his performance and energy. I remember I had just passed college and went to watch Darr but the show was houseful and by chance, we came upon a man who was selling the tickets in black. I threatened the man that if he doesn’t sell us the tickets at their original price my friends and I would beat him up. He sold the tickets to us and ran away. My friends and I were very excited to watch the film and had great fun.


Anjali Phougat

I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. He made it big with his passion, dedication and hard work. He is a self-made man and an example to the world that if you are passionate and talented and do not give it up then anything is possible. I love all his films and I watch them because of his charm and aura. It’s so magnificent. Some of my favourite films are Don and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. We share the same birthday month and his journey truly inspires me in many ways.


Saanand Verma

There is hardly any actor whose role model will not be SRK, he’s everyone’s role model. He started on television and became a superstar without a godfather, he is an amazing actor and a human being. The biggest thing to learn from him is his confidence. He was still confident when we watched him in the film Baazigar and even today the energy remains the same. There are things that are god gifted and he is the lucky one which makes him a good actor and we love him so much. A very happy birthday to him and I wish he keeps giving us superhit films to watch.


Hema Sharma

At one point I was a big fan. I am still but back then when I came to Mumbai. I went outside his house Mannat and I didn’t know he would be arriving and as he came out a crowd gathered. He is a self lover and knows how to play his game and is self-made no doubt. His destiny too favored him as he was born to become King Khan. The best thing about him is that he behaves so well with women, he respects them. He is very smart, he has become the Badshah and he will be forever. He is a great actor. I love his film Kal Ho Na Ho, the character he played was amazing. The way he portrayed the character of Aman where he knows he might die at any time and the way he tries to make people happy is amazing. He is someone whose fans are kids to senior citizens he’s an actor accepted by all irrespective of age. He is a family person and his love story with Gauri Khan is also inspiring. A thing to learn is to know where and when to speak and how much to speak. He is well-read and I have adopted his positive habits and I love him.

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