Posted on July 20, 2022 at 9:53 am

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Sambhaji Sasane on B.E.Rojgaar being appreciated!

Sambhaji Sasane feels overwhelmed with the love and positive response being showered on his series B.E.Rojgaar. His performance as ‘Papyda’ has been well received by the audience.


Photo Courtesy by Sambhaji Sasane PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Sambhaji Sasane PR Team


“This success has been possible only because of the creator, writer, my co-actors Sai Tamhankar and Jagdish Kannam and the entire team that I was able to pull this off. I am grateful for the love that I have been getting for playing Papyda. This is the first instance in my career where I am receiving a lot of recognition from people who have watched the series. It feels very special,” he says.

Sambhaji feels that the Marathi Industry is going global with time.

“The Marathi Industry has always been evolving since Dadasaheb Phalke who essentially is the Father of Indian cinema. We had filmmakers like V. Shantaram, Jabbar Patel and now we have Nagraj Manjule, Umesh Kulkarni, Chaitanya Tamhane, among others. Their films are watched not just in Maharashtra, but across the world. Even with the limitations of budget and distribution, Marathi Industry is doing a great job in evolving its cinema without losing its meaning,” he sounds proud praising his industry.

As a performer, he is particular about the roles he says yes to.

“I have always loved to play dark or grey characters. I believe life is not black or white, and so are the characters we play. I would love to play a role like Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino in Scarface) or Sakthivel Naicker (played by Kamal Hassan in Nayakan) in a film. These characters are not heroes, they are very grounded and real,” he adds.

Sambhaji wants to work in Bollywood, down south and other regional film industries in India. He has been putting effort in that direction already.

“Not just Hindi film Industry. I want to audition for roles in Kannada, Tamil and other languages too. I already did one independent Hindi Film called ‘Love & Shukla’. I want to audition for and work with Anurag Kashyap, Rajkumar Hirani, Zoya Akhtar, Vetri Maaran and many others. I am a big fan of their work and hope to get an opportunity to collaborate with them soon”, he says.

A huge fan of Kamal Hassan, Sambhaji shares that he is inspired by the Tamil superstar.
“I am in awe of Kamal Hassan. I remember watching the last scene of Sadma in Tamil and crying. I was very young and didn’t know Tamil then but could still feel the emotion, the language is never a barrier. I got connected with the heartbreak of the character that Kamal ji played. He remains an inspiration. Also, I believe he is someone who has effortlessly worked in all regional cinemas as well as in the Hindi Film Industry,” he ends.
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