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Chitrakut A Epitome Of Love Is A Must Watch This Season

Chitrakut A Epitome Of Love Is A Must Watch This Season

Chitrakut A Epitome Of Love Is A Must Watch This Season

Chitrakut has peace, love, violence, and plenty of drama. The film begins with a peaceful note from Holy Ramayana leaving the audience in a dilemma. What would be the storyline? Would it be something traditional or a regular love story? The film is definitely not another regular love story. Humans are a creature who constantly thrive on love. And the film delivers the message in an intense artistic way.

The gorgeous shot at the beginning of the film and the description of Mumbai city is quite fascinating giving a closer contemporary look at the city. Being different is challenging for a woman – they enjoy looking at you, but they would not accept you. The way the director lays out the epitome in the film is quite incredible. How a woman feels the violence against her the way men lay their eyes on her and her way of finding peace through that violence.

Chitrakut has some ferocious undertones where the relationship is abused for personal benefits, albeit one that draws heavily in the film.

The film revolves around the lives of five people, their journey of change, and metamorphosis as they search for love and companionship. The film is not just a story of couples or just love. It interweaves all the essential elements of life, love, and relationships in a way while complimenting the ending. The equidistant alliance in the film perceives the veracious truth of kinship.

Himanshu Malik, the writer, and director have done an incredible job while taking us from all sorts of places in one film. The faces in the movie that are not familiar might be a setback, but the characters completely justify the storyline. This film served as great entertainment with its colorful setting and numerous plot twists. There is a deep meaning in the film that is delivered perfectly for those who would understand.

Although the film has minor frailty, Chitrakut is creative, dark, and entertaining. It is for sure well worth a few hours of your time.

Urbanasian gives it 3.9.

Auritra Ghosh and Vibhore Mayank carry the film through with great aplomb and panache.”

Naina Trivedi as Alisha surprises you with her honesty while Shruti Bapna as Kim seems to have been tailor-made for this.”

Pulverized love at its finest. A must watch

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