Posted on June 20, 2022 at 8:27 pm

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Celebrities’ Pride Month Message To Be More Accepting Of LGBTQI

Celebrities’ Pride Month Message To Be More Accepting Of LGBTQI


Pride Month: Celebrities urge people to be more accepting of the LGBTQI community

From helping them come out of the closet to normalizing their issues, celebrities talk about how it’s high time the LGBTQI community stops facing discrimination.

Aalisha Panwar

June is celebrated as the Pride month for the LGBT community. I think it’s a very nice initiative and anyone can join in this celebration if you want to raise awareness related to the problems they usually face or have already faced. We all should spread this awareness amongst everybody. These days through social media people of these communities are coming out of the closet and they are more comfortable in being who they are. Which is a very good thing. No matter you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender no matter what we are humans and we all have equal rights. I think those people should also get their rights and I really want to step in this time and spread awareness. These people are not different from us. They have already faced a lot of problems but now thankfully people have also started to accept the fact that they are no different than us. They are slowly and steadily getting their rights in society and in the community and I’m very happy to see this. I literally want to tell everyone that do your little bit whatever you can for any of these people. Make them feel comfortable in their skin.

Maninee De

Yes, I’m aware that June is Pride month and I feel that it’s very important for everybody to understand that each of one us is an individual with a unique personality and orientation. I personally feel that respecting everybody’s individuality and their own orientation is very important. Definitely, over the past few years, the LGBT community has come out stronger. People are noticing and talking. Work has been done in this area and judging somebody’s professional capacity based on their sexual orientation is not the right way to asset somebody’s potential. Definitely, social media has made things easier and many people have become aware. I’m not saying that the world has completely changed, that will take a long long time. But definitely, there is awareness, acceptance, getting them in the mainstream, and accepting them who they are without questioning their identity because I think they themselves are figuring out who they are. That in itself is a big battle. I believe in respecting everybody’s orientation. I’m very happy to celebrate June as Pride month. Love to all those kids who had the guts to come out and accept who they are and their uniqueness.

Manish Naggdev
It is good to know that Pride month is going on. People are very less judgmental compared to before about the LGBTQ community. Live and let live should be the mindset. Social media has also contributed to making people express themselves fearlessly. I’m happy that the world is changing in both mindset and attitude.

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Sharad Malhotra
Awareness about the LGBTQ community has been simplified with social media. Social media has its own plus and minus. It can also be used in a positive way. We have become far more accepting and less judgemental about people as well as various communities. Everyone has the right to live peacefully and accept themselves as they are.

Vijayendra Kumeria
Pride month is going on in the mindset and perception we have evolved and become accepting as a society. No one should be judged. Social media is a good medium for people to express their views. A lot of films and OTT content is also focusing on the LGBTQ community. So, awareness and understanding is far better than before. Every community can coexist and live.

Namita Lal

Definitely, there has been progress in LGBTQ community. Both social media as well as independent filmmakers who are putting out films on OTT etc have contributed in increasing awareness and giving confidence in people to come out. They are talking about it and accepting it. I’m a huge supporter of the whole community. I have loads of friends who belong to this community. My first film Lihaaf is also about a similar theme from 1920s India. It’s been a part of our history and it is something that I totally respect. Encourage people to be more aware. There will be a time when this thing won’t be discussed as a separate thing. It will be something that is a part of our being.

Balraj Syal

Social media has become common in the last 2-3 years and the reach on the internet has increased because of information traveling here and people have got to know more about the LGBTQ community. People have now realized they also have their human rights and everybody should be allowed to live the way they want to live. Social media has played an important role. Sometimes what happens is we want to be heard. We want people to listen to us but we don’t get the platform, we don’t get the audience so that we can share our bits and parts. But since social media is there everybody has a direct way to connect to the audience. Before this, people were dependent on journalists, channels and reporters for their stories to come out.

Charrul Malik

Social media has played a key role in this. People have started sharing about their sexual choices and about themselves openly. It’s a very good thing and it doesn’t surprise me anymore. I am not taken aback after seeing such posts. For me, it’s not a big deal because I believe in good human beings, God and equality. While I’m talking about this topic I feel why am I even sharing my opinion about it because I feel these things should be understood by people but society discriminates a lot. Which is really wrong, it should not be done. God has made us and we should accept them the way they are. In India, it’s a challenge to come out and talk about your sexuality. Social media has given a platform where people don’t hesitate to talk about anything. I really feel proud of such people. The song, ‘It’s my Life’, is one of my favorites.

Saanand Verma

LGBTQI community has been suffering from social injustice for the past many decades. Now people from this community are having such a great level of freedom and social acceptance. It is wonderful to see social media as its part for social reforms but definitely because of social media a lot of people are coming out of their closet and sharing their emotions with the world. Definitely, cinema has played a great role in this social reform. A lot of films have been made on this topic. Mira Nair made a film named Fire which is an amazing film. Great films have been made. Both cinema and social media have helped a lot of people in this community.

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