Posted on June 8, 2021 at 9:33 pm

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Taha Shah Badussha Takes His First Dose Of Vaccination

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Taha Shah Badussha Takes His First Dose Of Vaccination

Taha Shah Badussha Takes His First Dose Of Vaccination

Actor Taha Shah Badussha takes his first dose of vaccination, shares a picture on social media saying, “and I scared the needle of was I scared?

India took the largest hit due to the ongoing pandemic with Maharashtra state being the most affected due to it. As the second wave of COVID hit the country it seemed near to impossible for the citizens to take the vaccination.

Recently as the COVID cases have come under control it seems that finding a slot for vaccination isn’t that difficult. It is seen that many Bollywood celebrities are taking their first dose of covid vaccine, post the government making the vaccine available for the 18plus age group, a number of Bollywood celebrities have booked their slots and doing their bit.

This time it was actor Taha Shah Badussha who was seen taking his first dose of covid 19 vaccines. We have seen Taha often sharing his views about the ongoing pandemic also the scarcity of covid vaccination. He was is also a part of the ‘Find A Bed’ initiative.

The star recently took to his Instagram sharing his picture taking the first dose of covid vaccine at a vaccination center in Mumbai. He shared a picture with a caption stating, “A big salute to the Frontline workers doing what they do, on a daily basis. Saving lives is the noblest deed there is.

And I scared the needle, or was I scared ? 😅 “

On the work front, Taha was seen in a music video based on a modern Indian wedding celebration and has a number of projects in the pipeline.

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