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Pankit Thakker’s Character Chetan Rawal A Well-etched One

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Pankit Thakker’s Character Chetan Rawal A Well-etched One

Pankit Thakker‘s Character Chetan Rawal A Well-etched One

Pankit Thakker says his character Chetan Rawal in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is a well-etched one!

Pankit Thakker says his character Chetan Rawal in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is a well-etched one. He also mentions Chetan’s participation in taking the story ahead and his growth as an individual in the journey.

“Initially I had scenes with elders in the family where I was shown as a shoulder to lean upon whenever they went through something difficult. Later on, I had bonding scenes with the younger generation where I was more like a cupid between Darsh and Nandini. Chetan helped them come closer to each other, clear their misunderstandings. I’m more of me in this character as in real life too people of all age groups can easily communicate with me and share their secrets and be rest assured that their secrets are safe with me,”

he says.

Pankit has played a number of characters of far and feels lucky that has not been pigeonholed into certain roles. “Actors are labeled as a romantic actor, or intense actor or a macho guy, etc. Luckily I have been able to break that barrier and have done romance, comedy, action… all kinds of roles on television in a career spanning 20 years. Now people have labeled me as a lucky actor and I am very happy about that. Many times casting directors and producers have cast me saying I’m not just a good actor but they feel my luck factor will help their show do well,” he adds.

Pankit is particular about the roles he picks up. “It was a conscious effort initially, but now production houses approach me knowing very well that I am someone who can get under the skin of any character. Also, now with so much money at stake they want to cast a person who is good with the craft, has a certain amount of dignity and face value, and also doesn’t throw his weight around. I fit into all these parameters I am told,” says the actor who feels the comparison between Bollywood and television is baseless.

“It’s not like TV actors have less option than film actors. TV Actors who are wanted by channel and production house don’t mind doing one show as they are paid very well. Story ends. Also as far as getting stereotyped is concerned, I’ve started with a lead role in the film, I did parallel lead in TV I recently did one of the most popular series Scam 1992 for web and I haven’t been stereotyped. I think some people who are not hardworking and lazy hide their reality by saying they are being typecast. Everything depends on your vision and how you manage your career. I go with my hunch while choosing a script. If I don’t get the right vibe I don’t do the project,” he adds.

Do you agree that once a public figure talks about his or her relationship openly, it gets a lot of unnecessary attention from the media? “When you become a public figure this is bound to happen. People want to know everything about you. Why run away from it. Everything should be handled gracefully. Being a public figure is a great responsibility and needs to be maintained. Everything about a public figure is public or else there is no need to be a public figure. The art is to handle the stardom gracefully,” he ends.

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