Posted on May 22, 2021 at 1:09 am

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Aapki KI Nazron Ne Samjha actor Saee Barve brings in beauty to the screens!

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 Saee Barve aka Parul Rawal of Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha (ANNS) says that people love to see drama on screen. The reason, she states, behind the popularity of their show is not just the story but the fact that the drama quotient is high.

“We serve the audience what they enjoy the most. Agar hero heroine juda nahi honge toh unke milan khas kaise hoga? Everyone looks forward to watching some beautiful romantic moments between Darsh (Vijayendra Kumeria) and Nandini (Richa Rathod). There are many such moments and scenes in our that everyone wants to see,” she adds.

Praising the team, she adds that working on the show for the last few months has brought her close to the team.

“It’s been four months now and we have become like a family. When we are not shooting or in the middle of the shoot, we play dumb charades, dance, sing or indulge in some chit chat. We also eat together, whenever it’s possible. So we all have gelled well. It does not feel like we are working,” she says, adding that all this is possible because producers of the show Sonali Jafar and Amir Jafar treat everyone well and maintain a healthy work atmosphere. Team ANNS is presently shooting in Silvassa. “The location is very beautiful. We are shooting under mango trees. The other day we were shooting a very heavy drama scene and suddenly a few mangoes fell from some nearby trees and as soon as the director said ‘CUT’, everyone rushed to collect those mangoes. It was so funny. I remember how during my growing up years, we used to do the same thing,” she shares.

Talking about the advantage of doing a daily soap on television, she says,

“The beauty of doing a daily soap is that the plot keeps changing, so does the tonality of characters and you are expected to do different things on a daily basis. So it never ceases to surprise you. Sometimes you enact the emotional side of your character, sometimes funny, sometimes the negative side comes to the fore… It’s fun to be on a roller coaster ride.”

Saee feels it is easier for the audience to get familiar with an actor working in TV than the one in Bollywood. And social media plays a huge part in this.

“TV has a larger impact especially on housewives and interior parts of the country. Internationally, Hindi TV is being watched like crazy. People say after OTT, the TV craze has decreased, but I don’t think so. I have an example in my own house. My mom is a big fan of Hindi and Marathi serials.  She watches quite a few of them including my show.  She doesn’t miss a single episode and not only that later she calls her sister (my maasi) to discuss the story, performance etc (laughs). They are crazy TV fans. Yes, social media is a good push for an actor. But what is important is to keep doing good work. Social media is just a support,” she explains her point of view.

She also does not understand the demarcation or comparison between TV and film actors.
“Every medium is beautiful and different in its own ways. But TV is a little difficult because social lives are sacrificed given the schedule it maintains and the time we all need to dedicate on a daily show. One should be physically, mentally and emotionally strong to work on TV,” she says.
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