Posted on April 29, 2021 at 12:20 am

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Aparna Dixit In Undesirable Situation And Files A Cybercrime Complaint

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Aparna Dixit In Undesirable Situation And Files A Cybercrime Complaint

Aparna Dixit In Undesirable Situation And Files A Cybercrime Complaint

Well, lockdown and the current situation are already stressful for all. To add to this pandemic situation, actress Aparna Dixit has got another problem to tackle at hand. The Facebook page of the actress is hacked and vulgar messages & posts are being circulated from her page. Aparna Dixit shares, “It came as a shock to me because my friends calling me and messaging me to check if my Facebook has been hacked. Everyone has been following me for so long and they know what kind of posts I put up and they doubted as there were stories with sexual content on my verified Facebook page. I panicked, first of all, the obvious reaction and when I tried to log in, I couldn’t and I tried to do everything possible but all went in vain.

Those people removed me from Admin and hence I had no command on whatever was being posted on that page, and some people were also texting me personally that they had been getting inappropriate messages similar to the stories. I wanted everyone that my account has been hacked and not to open any links or messages. For me it’s very, very disheartening because there are fans and people who follow that page belonging to different cities and age groups, there are elders, youngsters and children as well. I feel very bad because I can’t do anything and helpless. I have reported everything to the cybercrime officials and Facebook and they were very prompt and helpful, but of course these things take time so meanwhile I have been approaching as many people as possible requesting them to please not open any messages or links. I have been receiving so many messages, many of them understood that my account had been hacked and there is someone else who is posting but everyone doesn’t understand what hacking is, especially people from my hometown, small towns, etc. especially elders. Even my mom was getting calls and I explained to her what has happened.

There is this one thing that I don’t understand that why do hackers have to do such things, especially in this current situation when the world is facing so many problems and still people have so much energy to put in all these nonsensical things. I mean if they put this much brain into other productive things and help people then there is so much that they can do. I myself feel that I could have put this energy into so many productive things like making people aware of COVID situations and various resources but I am having to put this energy to recover my account in such a situation.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

I can’t keep it like that every day because there are so many users and getting so many messages where people are telling me how can you post such stories don’t you have any shame. Where as some people are very concerned, they are telling my fans and asking me what they can do about it but of course there is a proper process to it. I just do not want to let that account go because those are the fans that I have earned in all these years through my hard work. It takes a lot of effort, the account has around 2 lakh followers and they follow my activity everyday and I am feeling so bad that they have to see such inappropriate stuff on my page, thus I am trying to resolve it as soon as possible.

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