Posted on April 14, 2021 at 8:00 am

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A.R. Rahman’s 99 Songs soundtrack releases in Telugu & Tamil

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Oscar and Grammy Award-winning composer A.R. Rahman marks filmmaking first with the highly anticipated movie “99 Songs”.

A.R. Rahman's 99 Songs soundtrack releases in Telugu & Tamil
A.R. Rahman’s 99 Songs soundtrack releases in Telugu & TamA.R. Rahman’s 99 Songs soundtrack releases in Telugu & Tamil il

“99 Songs” witnesses global music legend Rahman’s film debut as a producer and co-writer. The film charts a passionate love story that’s tested by a musical quest.

A romantic musical, “99 Songs” is all set to release in theatres. On 16th April 2021 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. “99 Songs” is perhaps music maestro Rahman’s most ambitious storytelling project yet.

The “99 Songs” soundtrack is available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Composed by Rahman, the album has struck a chord with listeners. Its multi-lingual songs have been resonating with people across India and the globe. The 14-track album features an established music icon. Like Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, and Alka Yagnik. As well as budding musical talents like Armaan Malik, Shashwat Singh, Shashaa Tirupati, Poorvi Koutish, and Sarthak Kalyani, among others. The lyrics have been penned by Navneet Virk.

Songs such as “O Aashiqa”, “Jwalamukhi” and “Teri Nazar” have captured the imagination of the world. While Rahman’s magnificent solo outing on the album. “The Oracle” is a fluid piano-led revelation. Rahman also brings in notes of jazz on the soundtrack through the sultry ballad “Soja Soja”. While indulging in celebration through the Punjabi hip-hop song “Veere Kadh De”. Traversing a range of genres from rock to pop to ambient and beyond, Rahman charts a magical musical journey on the “99 Songs” soundtrack.

Listen to 99 Songs in Tamil here:

Speaking about his filmmaking debut, Rahman revealed that “99 Songs” is a holistic music story where the narrative comes full circle. The film follows the journey of an aspiring musician Jay (played by debutant Ehan Bhat) who discovers his true sound and purpose in the course of the film.

In the tradition of true method acting, Bhat even received music training at the KM Music Conservatory, Rahman’s music school in Chennai. The actor spent four weeks in L.A. honing his acting skills under the guidance of some of the best performance coaches in the business.

As “99 Songs” releases in three languages, Rahman stayed true to the script and retained the essence of the film in every translation. Both the soundtrack and the film will reflect the story’s heart and authenticity.

Listen to 99 Songs in Telugu here:

About the “99 Songs” film and album, Rahman said, 

“I thought that if I ever tap into storytelling, let it be through music. Our culture is so beautiful; we must embrace the good things and reflect them in our music. 99 Songs spearheads our creative originality.”

99 Songs” is directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy and introduces Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Vargas in the lead roles. Aditya Seal, Lisa Ray and Manisha Koirala too feature in the film. “99 Songs” is presented by Jio Studios and produced by A.R. Rahman’s production company YM Movies. The film is co-produced by Ideal Entertainment.

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