Posted on March 12, 2021 at 4:07 pm

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Why Do We Like Knowing Bollywood Stars Enjoy Gambling?

Bollywood stars are some of the most admired people across India. The fact that they enjoy gambling at the casino as much as those who enjoy watching them on the big screen helps us see them as real people as well as A-List celebrities. But why does it matter that such stratospheric stars have the same hobbies as us?

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Bollywood Stars Love to Gamble

Many Bollywood actors are known for being fans of gambling and even hosting events with games like poker and rummy. Amir Khan, for instance, regularly hosts gambling parties for his fellow A-List friends. Legendary Punjabi Bollywood actor Jeetendra is also known for hosting gambling parties, especially around Diwali. His bungalow in Mumbai is decked out as a casino, with plenty of tables and even machines to dispense notes for players. The guest list is unsurprisingly also dazzling.

One of Bollywood’s finest actors, Kabir Bedi, is a known fan of card games. The Octopussy star and Emperor Shah Jahan actor suggested in 2009 when asked a question at an Indian Film Academy event in Macau that he was most excited about gambling there. Bedi’s attitude to gambling is fairly lax and he understands that as much as he may or could win, he could also lose.  

Why Does This Endear Them to Us?

Online casino options are popular throughout India, where Bollywood films are most prevalent. There are many ways online for regular people to engage with online casino games from poker to roulette, Teen Patti to blackjack. The list of online casino sites in India shows that there is a lot of choice for players and that the competitive nature of the sites shows the industry is healthy. As there is so much competition, each site must ensure they are as appealing as possible.

As such, many sites offer a welcome bonus, and all have a unique selling point to attract customers. The prevalence of admired Bollywood stars professing their love for gambling may have helped show people that they don’t need to be invited to a bungalow party to engage with gambling themselves. Having options to do something that the stars do helps endear them to us. Whenever celebrities have ‘regular’ hobbies we are reminded that they are not so different from us, which makes us appreciate them more.

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Of course, as online casino games become more popular the celebrities of tomorrow might not just be those who star in Bollywood films. Nipun Java and Aditya Sushant are two of the most prominent Indian poker stars. They have accrued hundreds of thousands through playing and have attended World Series of Poker games. While Bollywood stars may enjoy gambling in their spare time, we are now seeing celebrities we know primarily through their gambling activities.

Bollywood stars gambling makes them seem more human to us. Taking part in activities that we can take part in and that we can do ourselves helps show that they aren’t actually that different. This makes us feel better and removes some of the unreachability that surrounds celebrities. Most of all, we enjoy the thought that some of the country’s best-loved actors might have unlucky nights – they can’t win them all.

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