Posted on March 8, 2021 at 5:00 am

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Trace the musical journey of Palak Mucchal as she chats with Tulsi Kumar for her show Indie Hain Hum: Season 2

After the 3 power-packed episodes that staged singers like Amaal Malik, Armaan Mallik, Dhvani Bhanushali and Millind Gaba, Indie Hai Hum: Season 2 host Tulsi Kumar is all set to elate the audiences with an inspiring story of Palak Mucchal.


As she gets candid about her struggles, the social causes. She supports and the scenario of independent music in contemporary times.

Indie Hai Hum: Season 2 primarily encourages indie artists across the length and breadth of the nation.

The upcoming episode will also see Tulsi Kumar interacting with one such band. It was formed purely on one single bond and passion for music, ‘Meghdhanush’.

Hailing from the land of fairs and festivals, Meghdhanush will share their tale of combining Gujarati Folk Musi. With Rock that ranks them among the top favorites of music lovers.

Versatile artist Tulsi Kumar opens the episode on a sweet note by singing the unplugged version of ‘Kabhi Yaadon Mein’. It is to introduce the versatile singer Palak Mucchal.

The girl with curls, Palak Mucchal commends ‘Meghdhanush’ on their line of work. It eventually gives insights about her journey. It is by sharing about the noble causes she supports.

Tulsi Kumar also discusses with Palak the change internet is bringing in the field of music. In the end, plays a quick exciting game in the episode.

Tulsi Kumar says,

“It was amazing chatting with the very talented Palak Mucchal. We had so much in common, we instantly connected. Like she started her music learning at a very young age of six and that’s when even I started my musical journey of learning. She is very focused on supporting noble causes. It felt proud that music can reach far and wide and contribute to important causes. I relate to this as my family and I have always contributed to society for many years. Papa closely worked towards several charities and since our young age that was ahabit, we have imbibed in us. It is a small part we are responsible to do to carry forward his legacy.”

Talking about independent music that has existed for many years in form of folk music, Tulsi says,

“Folk music is the heart of the Indian music scene for several years. India is full of varied cultures that have introduced different kinds of folk tunes to us. Meghdhanush has brought the newer generation close to folk music with their personal touch of rock & they definitely rock at it.”

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