Posted on March 25, 2021 at 5:00 am

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Neha Bhasin gets emotional on IPML – Read Details

Neha Bhasin has always been one to never conform to the rules that have been set by the society. However, even though she has been all about breaking the glass ceiling and never letting the world get the better off her.

Neha Bhasin gets emotional on IPML - Read Details
Neha Bhasin gets emotional on IPML – Read Details

There have been instances that left her stunned, and a little heartbroken. Nonetheless, it looks like all those moments. They are have finally led her to this one pathbreaking performance that she has always awaited.

On the stage of Indian Pro Music League, Neha put together an absolutely mind-blowing performance on ‘Aisa Jaadu Dala Re’. She received a standing ovation for the same. While there is nothing new about Neha being appreciated for her singing skills, what did make a huge difference. It is for the singer was overcoming all these years of rejections. She has been subjected to because of how she dresses.

Post her performance, she narrated how she was asked to get off the stage for wearing shorts. She was judged and slut-shamed on the basis of her clothes, without caring much about her talent. Being able to perform at such a stage left her elated for being accepted for her true self, without dissecting her for clothes and focusing on her audio visual vision.

With this performance, she feels she has accomplished a part of what she has always set out to. Especially in a country where playback singing is considered the traditional approach. For singers and female performers are expected to conform to a certain persona that makes the Indian audience feel comfortable.

It was a rather emotional yet proud moment for Neha as she also took to her social media to pen a heartfelt note about the same. She wrote,

” The length of a woman’s dreams cannot be measured by her clothes, her body, forced pretentious morality. Her dreams are pure and seamless like the deep blue sky.” Some of the comments under Neha’s post bear testimony to the fact that the thought process of the country is changing for better.

Neha has always been the flag-bearer of spreading positivity and letting people be, comfortable and in their own skin. In fact, one of her songs ‘Kehnde Rehnde’ also dealt with bullying and trolling that people are subejcted to, for simply being themselves.

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